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Why are you interested in mentorship with Egypt and how would it help with your journey??


Aspire to Inspire

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        The House of Knyle              Mentorship Program Mission

The House of Knyle strives to promote cultural diversity through the medium of Mentorship.  We are open to ALL ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The Mentorship affords every Mentee the opportunity to grow and achieve his/her/they/them/mx goals while being an exemplary role model.  We are based out of Los Angeles, California. The House of Knyle conducts all decisions in choosing mentees in a fair and unbiased manner.

The purpose of THOK Mentorship Program is to give all the opportunity to come together regardless of their backgrounds, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc., to build positive relationships with others who are inspiring and working diligently to leave a positive impact in their lives, their communities and in their burlesque journey.

Aspire to Inspire

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